24 January 2012

Victorian Obsessions

Yes, I admit. I have a fetish for all Victorian. It started a long time ago, I was perhaps 16 or 17 when I first was BBC's Tipping the Velvet and The Fingersmith. I then proceeded to reading the books and sewing myself an authentic corset (used in the music video Napoleon). My enamor of this period was only recently rekindled with another BBC drama - The Crimson Petal and the White, and its been non-stop dramas and the quest for sewing the perfect Victorian coat for which I have already purchased a lovely petrol blue wool and patterned cotton lining (and possibly in the distant future, wedding gown). Here are a few pictures to satisfy your taste buds.

Oh that beautiful collar!

Wasp waistlines, lace and trains.

20 January 2012

More t-shirts in the cage!

As part of the highly anticipated launch of Brikkuni's second album - Trabokk, I was asked to design and finally print t-shirts for them. Here are the digital versions of them! Will soon upload pictures of the screen printed t-shirts!

The tees are available by pre-order by emailing your name, choice and size to brikkun@gmail.com


Brikkuni tee - designed by the lovely Maria Muscat from Babettopolis
Qabel il-pappa

And while you wait for the day to arrive.....here's a teaser of what is to come...sit back and enjoy!

Mon Dieu!

I realised that I haven't updated in quite a while what with being caught up with Christmas, Brikkuni's recording and the final preparations for Skimmed's upcoming album!

However before going on further....here are some of the items which I made for Patches 2011 (all entirely screenprinted and designed by yours truly) some of which you can find for sale on my Etsy shop!


The Hooded Beastlies on the very popular Xmas cards

And on stockings

Motivational calenders

And a special version of the calendar I made accidentally for myself

Tote bags

and more tote bags (all hand sewn by myself also!)

Wine holder bags. 

Dance don't Worry t-shirt

Fenek tal-indie and Shooting stars are moon jizz t-shirts