18 March 2011

New piece

I've been trying to finish this one for ages (so long in fact, that the rose bushes have since been chopped off!!!). However, I have been faced with a sudden, unexplained surge in productivity, possibly due to the reasons mentioned in the previous post!

Anyway here it is: Red.

Red by AlexandraAquilina

The anger hath begone.

Yes, in a sudden sprout of dare-I-call-it, new-found maturity and peace of mind. All the anger hath begone she said! And its starting to show in my songwriting. No more shouts, screams, hate, disgust and sarcasm but inner calm, musicality and wit. I'm growing up, (at least I hope so).

All this was triggered by a huge disappointment given to me by what I deemed to be close friends. The wave of awareness that its useless being anger or disappointed or feeling regret for not being able to save those you care for or at least help them save themselves lead me to be more zen and matter of fact about things. "You want to fuck up your life? Ok, see you around."

And on that note, my all time favourite local band from what I consider a flawless album: Beangrowers.

And tonight guitars by Lucas and vocals by Jorje from Gozo in the form of Monobrow MP at Coach and Horses. Looking forward!!

You are You are - Beangrowers