17 November 2011

They're HERE!!!

The Hooded Beastlies are finally here!

These cute little critters were brought to life especially for the Patches Christmas edition and will feature on Christmas stockings, placemats, cards, place tags and gift tags! They're so cute I want them all!! However we will surely see them again during other Patches events!

27 October 2011

Final preparations....muahahaha

Final preparations underway for THE halloween party!! And as I was at one of my favourite charity shops hunting for a nightdress for said party with the intention of covering myself in fake blood and dressing up as a certain distressed teen during her prom night....look what I found sitting on the top shelf of the book section....

11 October 2011

Back again

After a short break for the summer months alexandraaquilina.com - the blog is back!

Last week I had my portfolio on display as part of the MCAST art and design room during the very first Malta Design Week. It was a very interesting and well organised affair and I never thought I'd see the courtyard of the MITP look so beautiful! A sufficient quantity of synthetic turf is enough to spruce up any environment. The whole event was targeted to all areas of design from architecture, interiors, furniture, jewellary, film, fashion, photography, food and so on. However, the strong bias towards architecture and furniture was felt and understandable seeing how the event organisers are mostly into those fields. The exhibition space was also enhanced by numerous workshops in the various fields scattered in different locations across the island.

More information and pictures can be found on www.maltadesignweek.com

28 June 2011

MCAST art and design exhibition

Finally it has come....and gone. And it was a huge success. We managed to turn the overcrowded ceramics workshop into an exhibiting place for Graphic design and Interactive media students and here are the results!

our section

my packaging of the 5 mcast hnd courses

my door

and it opens! what's inside?

The room

Our posters and book covers

The MCAST art and design exhibition is still on show everyday till the 5th July, so you can pop by to see the students works anytime!

26 June 2011

Exhibition Illustration

The MCAST art and design exhibition is almost here and I've just finished and printed my illustration that will feature on the front of my allocated door.

14 June 2011

Origami Madness

We are currently in the process of setting up the ceramics room at our institute for our end of year exhibition. We chose to go for an origami garden theme calling the area "The Design Aviary".

While googling potential tutorials I came across this funny pieces and works of art!

31 May 2011

Gabriel Telecom

Corporate branding for a fictitious company: Gabriel Telecom .plc

7 April 2011

New logo!

Here at last...hopefully!!!

My new logo: Pictorial logo, black and white logo and combination logo

6 April 2011

New obsession!! - indian ink and frames!

I recently came across a couple of frames in a charity shop which I decided to illustrate. The aim was to integrate the framed image with the frame.

I also discovered the joys of indian ink! It dries so quickly and has such a smooth texture! It was love at first brush!  So I decided to incorporate the two together!

Here is some of the stuff I did today!
Devotion - indian ink

Secrets - mixed media collage and indian ink

A frame based on my new logo - mixed media collage and indian ink

18 March 2011

New piece

I've been trying to finish this one for ages (so long in fact, that the rose bushes have since been chopped off!!!). However, I have been faced with a sudden, unexplained surge in productivity, possibly due to the reasons mentioned in the previous post!

Anyway here it is: Red.

Red by AlexandraAquilina

The anger hath begone.

Yes, in a sudden sprout of dare-I-call-it, new-found maturity and peace of mind. All the anger hath begone she said! And its starting to show in my songwriting. No more shouts, screams, hate, disgust and sarcasm but inner calm, musicality and wit. I'm growing up, (at least I hope so).

All this was triggered by a huge disappointment given to me by what I deemed to be close friends. The wave of awareness that its useless being anger or disappointed or feeling regret for not being able to save those you care for or at least help them save themselves lead me to be more zen and matter of fact about things. "You want to fuck up your life? Ok, see you around."

And on that note, my all time favourite local band from what I consider a flawless album: Beangrowers.

And tonight guitars by Lucas and vocals by Jorje from Gozo in the form of Monobrow MP at Coach and Horses. Looking forward!!

You are You are - Beangrowers

22 February 2011


So yes, today is my birthday and yes I'm getting older. For better or for worse however, I don't feel older. So I decided to share with you a cute pic a friend sent me to wish me happy birthday cause boy don't we all love cupcakes!!!

21 February 2011

Adrian the Owl

Adrian and I have a new project in the pipeline and the first thing we set out to do was draw each other as animals. Adrian is the owl (il-kokka) and I am the snail, hence the name bebbuxu (snail in Maltese). 

I tried to recreate Adrian as an owl by using patterns and fabrics he likes, I also chose a muted colour pallette to compliment the colours he wears and his character. The illustration is hand drawn and digitally coloured and edited.

Adrian the Owl

20 February 2011

First Blog Post

Hi all,

At last, I have finally got around to creating my own blog. May I prepare you all, this blog will not only revolve around the graphic design facet of myself. Ou contraire. I will be using it to write and post about anything that tickles my fancy. If you want to see what I'm capable of as a designer, my Behance page will be up soon too :)

And so here goes, my first official post is going to be about....PATRICK DUFF.

Most of you might not have the slightest clue who he, or his band from the 90s (Strangelove) are. This man however, was brought to Malta by Tim Ellis, to give us two very special and intimate performances this weekend. The atmosphere was intense and magical. Save for a number of idiots in the audience who felt that the time was appropriate for a long chat and gossip session and others who thought that saying things like "aww he's fucking, like incredible " after each song would make them seem musically knowledgable. (As you can see, I am also a hardened cynic who tends to easily nurture a dislike of certain people).

Anyway, back to the point of the post. Patrick has the most beautiful, crystal clear voice, and might I say, looks nowhere near his actual age. I loved his little anecdotes before most of the songs as it helped people like me get to know him and understand what he was singing about more. This man is incredible and has a genuine love for all those around him. My favorite tunes played these two days were Dead man singing, King of the Underworld and the happier Three little monkeys. Below hear Three little Monkeys uploaded by friend and soundsman on the night Emerson Vella.

Three Little Monkeys - Patrick Duff