28 June 2011

MCAST art and design exhibition

Finally it has come....and gone. And it was a huge success. We managed to turn the overcrowded ceramics workshop into an exhibiting place for Graphic design and Interactive media students and here are the results!

our section

my packaging of the 5 mcast hnd courses

my door

and it opens! what's inside?

The room

Our posters and book covers

The MCAST art and design exhibition is still on show everyday till the 5th July, so you can pop by to see the students works anytime!

26 June 2011

Exhibition Illustration

The MCAST art and design exhibition is almost here and I've just finished and printed my illustration that will feature on the front of my allocated door.

14 June 2011

Origami Madness

We are currently in the process of setting up the ceramics room at our institute for our end of year exhibition. We chose to go for an origami garden theme calling the area "The Design Aviary".

While googling potential tutorials I came across this funny pieces and works of art!