20 February 2011

First Blog Post

Hi all,

At last, I have finally got around to creating my own blog. May I prepare you all, this blog will not only revolve around the graphic design facet of myself. Ou contraire. I will be using it to write and post about anything that tickles my fancy. If you want to see what I'm capable of as a designer, my Behance page will be up soon too :)

And so here goes, my first official post is going to be about....PATRICK DUFF.

Most of you might not have the slightest clue who he, or his band from the 90s (Strangelove) are. This man however, was brought to Malta by Tim Ellis, to give us two very special and intimate performances this weekend. The atmosphere was intense and magical. Save for a number of idiots in the audience who felt that the time was appropriate for a long chat and gossip session and others who thought that saying things like "aww he's fucking, like incredible " after each song would make them seem musically knowledgable. (As you can see, I am also a hardened cynic who tends to easily nurture a dislike of certain people).

Anyway, back to the point of the post. Patrick has the most beautiful, crystal clear voice, and might I say, looks nowhere near his actual age. I loved his little anecdotes before most of the songs as it helped people like me get to know him and understand what he was singing about more. This man is incredible and has a genuine love for all those around him. My favorite tunes played these two days were Dead man singing, King of the Underworld and the happier Three little monkeys. Below hear Three little Monkeys uploaded by friend and soundsman on the night Emerson Vella.

Three Little Monkeys - Patrick Duff

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